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RaceNo.TimeEventCategoryTypeRoundBerkshire StationBerk..StnBuckingham StationBuck..StnNextResultsVideo
1312:10A 2xAspirationalDouble ScullsTime Trial
1412:30D 4+DevelopmentCoxed FoursTime Trial
7617:36A 2xAspirationalDouble ScullsHeat
[Sheffield City]
Sheffield City1256 CSH 256 Sheffield City 
B. Hamilton, C. Webb
[Nottingham Univ]
Nottingham Univ2254 NGU 254 Nottingham Univ 
I. Glanvill, N. Giambrone
10208:35J 1xJuniorSingle ScullsTime Trial
14612:44J 1xJuniorSingle ScullsHeat
[Sheffield City]
Sheffield City1378 CSH 378 Sheffield City 
R. Baker
[Globe RC]
Globe RC2379 GLB 379 Globe RC 
A. Collins
21817:40A 2xAspirationalDouble ScullsQuarter-Final
[Sheffield City]
Sheffield City256 CSH 256 Sheffield City 
B. Hamilton, C. Webb
[Twickenham RC]
Twickenham RC1244 TWK 244 Twickenham RC 
R. Tallis, S. Greenfield
30108:45J 1xJuniorSingle ScullsQuarter-Final
[Sheffield City]
Sheffield City2378 CSH 378 Sheffield City 
R. Baker
[Isle of Ely RC]
Isle of Ely RC1398 IEL 398 Isle of Ely RC 
P. Hayden