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Club timetable

RaceNo.TimeEventCategoryTypeRoundBerkshire StationBerk..StnBuckingham StationBuck..StnNextResultsVideo
911:00A Lwt 1xTime Trial
911:00A Lwt 1xTime Trial
1111:40C 2xChampionshipDouble ScullsTime Trial
1312:10A 2xAspirationalDouble ScullsTime Trial
1518:50 J16 4x-Time Trial
7417:28A Lwt 1xHeat
[Wallingford RC (A)]
Wallingford RC (A)1158 WRC 158 Wallingford RC (A) 
H. Slater
[City of Bristol (A)]
City of Bristol (A)2165 CBR 165 City of Bristol (A) 
H. Fullman
8718:20A 2xAspirationalDouble ScullsHeat
[Tideway Sc Sch]
Tideway Sc Sch1250 TSS 250 Tideway Sc Sch 
R. Dean, C. Matthews
[Wallingford RC]
Wallingford RC2233 WRC 233 Wallingford RC 
L. Bard, K. Butler
10308:50J 4x-Time Trial
11310:32A Lwt 1xQuarter-Final
[Wallingford RC (A)]
Wallingford RC (A)1158 WRC 158 Wallingford RC (A) 
H. Slater
[Cambridge UWBC]
Cambridge UWBC2143 CUW 143 Cambridge UWBC 
L. Harris
18115:04C 2xChampionshipDouble ScullsQuarter-Final
[Leander Club (A)]
Leander Club (A)1206 LDR 206 Leander Club (A) 
K. Maitland, B. Bryan
[Wallingford RC]
Wallingford RC2208 WRC 208 Wallingford RC 
S. Burrows, E. Wilks
23718:56 J16 4x-Quarter-Final
[York City RC]
York City RC1306 YRK 306 York City RC 
E. Soma, A. Laidlaw, J. Lewis, C. Faint
[Wallingford RC]
Wallingford RC313 WRC 313 Wallingford RC 
O. White, A. Grace, S. Turner-Frick, F. Sharp
32610:37A Lwt 1xSemi-Final
Greenbank2167 GRF 167 Greenbank 
S. Lewis
[Wallingford RC (A)]
Wallingford RC (A)1158 WRC 158 Wallingford RC (A) 
H. Slater
37114:15A Lwt 1xFinal
[Surrey Univ]
Surrey Univ1162 USU 162 Surrey Univ 
M. Wedgwood
[Wallingford RC (A)]
Wallingford RC (A)2158 WRC 158 Wallingford RC (A) 
H. Slater