We want your racing experience at HWR to be the very best.

Our competitor facilities are designed to ensure that crews have everything they need when competing at HWR:  physio tents, the Ergo tent, boat racks, toilets, and new and improved catering options. Official HWR souvenir T shirts and clothing are available at the HWR Shop at the Pavilion Shopping area. Don’t miss out—stock is limited!

Crew Gazebo Pitches

Situated on the mound above the boating racks, the Gazebo area is an ideal meeting space or quiet area for your crew, and offers a unique vantage point of the course. Crews can book a dedicated gazebo pitch. Space is limited and books up quickly. Please ensure that you have reserved and paid for your space by the end of second week in May. Bookings will open in the Spring

Car parking

Car Parking is accessed via gate B. Tickets usually go on sale in May.


Trailer parking

Each club will be issued with one complimentary towing vehicle pass. Only vehicles that have been registered will be issued with a pass. You must have a pass for free entrance for your towing vehicle.

Trailer parking on Hillside Car Park will be available from Monday evening prior to commencement of racing. Competitors and trailers must follow the one way traffic flow in Remenham Lane and note that parking outside of Regatta times is at owners/clubs own risk.

Towing Vehicles are admitted free of charge but MUST apply for and display a permit to be affixed to the windscreen at all times.

Regatta Enclosure

Warm up ergos are provided next to the Entries Tent.