Kitty All in One


The Kitty AllInOne.

The Queen B Kitty Rowing AllInOne, customised for Henley Women’s Regatta with their instantly recognisable blue, purple and pink, is a sleek scooped neck one-piece, trimmed with a contrasting colour piping under the bust seam that goes around the body and the HWR logo on the front. Subtly styled to the front for comfort and functionality, seamed to support and anchor the garment as you train. A triple cross back that picks up the contrast colour will make the many hours you put in for regatta season a little bit more fun. When rolled down this one-piece continues to work hard, with contrast colour lining the Kitty becomes a fantastic pair of shorts with a thick waistband. Made using the highest performing of Italian fabrics, giving stretch, piling resistance and quick dry. The Kitty is fully lined with special lining on the bottom half of the suit to aid moisture management, muscle control, breathability and excellent coverage. There are no tags at the centre back of the suit for maximum comfort and to ensure that nothing scrapes, irritates or distracts from your session. Henley Women’s Regatta performance merchandise has every detail covered, you have earned the right to wear it, so do it with attitude! Queen B for Henley Women’s Regatta, a match made in Henley!