Volunteer expectations

HWR will agree

  • To provide any volunteer with training sufficient to do the role allocated safely.
  • Will provide a volunteers badge (which needs to be returned to the Volunteer coordinator at the end of the regatta)
  • To offer a shift timetable to the volunteer ( with the understanding of the volunteer that allocations may change at the last minute)
  • To provide a named person/s in charge of Volunteers on site for the duration of the regatta who will liaise with the HWR Welfare Officer & to whom the volunteer can contact if necessary.
  • Not to share personal information to other volunteers or out with the organisation without prior permission of the volunteer or their parent or guardian.
  • To provide some refreshments within the Volunteer Tent and limited places around the site for the use of volunteers


Volunteer Rules and Regulations

HWR Volunteer will agree

  • To uphold the reputation of HWR at all times
  • To uphold the health and safety practices they will be notified to follow at all times
  • To ensure they arrive 30mins before their first shift on site
  • After receiving shift pattern – Volunteers will agree to commit to attend on days/times as allocated by Volunteer coordinator
  • In case of emergency Volunteer will ensure contact with Volunteer Coordinator or HWR Official at the nearest possible opportunity to inform them of issue
  • To dress appropriately for the role as requested by HWR including wearing appropriate footwear according to the conditions
  • To take suitable precautions taking in account of changing weather e.g. use sun screen and drink water in hot sun, wear waterproof clothing in the rain
  • Limit use of mobile devices ( e.g. cellular phones, pagers or other electronic devices) to break times, emergencies or when requested to communicate by these devices by HWR
  • To switch mobile phones to silent and keep in a waterproof receptacle or zipped up in clothing when on stake boat duty
  • HWR is not liable for the loss or damage of any volunteers personal effects or valuables and Volunteers take anything on site at their own risk
  • To complete all areas in the application form where possible


Volunteers should understand

  • There may be a drone operating on the site
  • Video cameras & Photographers may be on site & their image may be captured in the course of such activities and published/broadcast and by volunteering at HWR you agree to this.