Notes for Competitors

Competitors should note the following:

  • The Regatta is held in accordance with the British Rowing rules of racing, the British Rowing Row Safe code of practice for Water safety, the BR Code of Ethics & Behaviour, Anti-Doping and the Living with Covid guidance
  • In the event of an accident, please contact the nearest official. There is a telephone located in the control caravan with a list of emergency numbers.
  • The full set of HWR rules can be viewed under the Competitor’s tab on the HWR web site. It is recommended that all competitors make themselves aware of both the Events entry criteria rules and the Regatta rules
  • Competitors are reminded that winners are asked to dress smartly (no kit) for the presentation.
  • Only complete crews will be presented with their medals and trophy. Each winning crew will be sent a commemorative photograph with the trophy at the presentation.
  • All competitors & crew members including coaches and supporters should be advised the regatta will be filmed live & the video images of the regatta will be available on the HWR YouTube channel afterwards. It is a condition of entry to Henley Women’s Regatta, that each crew member (or each crew member’s parent or guardian in the case of juniors) is aware that by entering HWR they are giving consent to being filmed.  Please see the HWR Privacy Statement as well as the announcement regarding Filming and Use of Drones (UAV’s) on the HWR website. When submitting the entry on behalf of any club or crew, that person making the entry is confirming that they have brought this fact to the attention of each crew member, and their parent or guardian where applicable, and have obtained their consent and that HWR will not be liable for any perceived breach of privacy or distraction by filming activities including the use of drone cameras.
  • Photographs of all competitors including juniors will be taken during the regatta for identification and publicity purposes.


1 Substitutions & Withdrawals

1.1 No oarswoman shall be substituted after 5pm on Sunday 12th June without the consent of the committee

1.2 No oarswoman may be substituted down an event category after 5pm on Sunday 12th June without the permission of the committee

1.3 The Committee will examine the withdrawal/substitution of any crew/oarswoman after the close of entries and reserves the right to exclude the club/oarswoman from all other events at the regatta

1.4 Any competitor withdrawing from an event will only be allowed to substitute into another event with the permission of the Chairman of the Race Committee

2 Registration

2.1 A representative of the crew or sculler must report to the Entries Secretary in the registration tent not later than 45 minutes before their first race on each day. In the case of lightweight crews and scullers, this must be in time for them to weigh in i.e. between one and two hours before the first race in their event on the day of their first race. (Lightweight competitors must also see note 3.4 below)

2.2 Racing licenses with photo attached or, other acceptable ID documents must be presented e.g. driving license or passport. Numbers will be issued for all crews and should be used throughout the Regatta.

2.3 Junior crews must leave a contact telephone number of a coach or responsible adult with the Entries secretary, in accordance with the British Rowing Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance Guidelines for rowing competitions.

3 Weighing in

3.1 Coxswains must comply with British Rowing rule 7-2-7. Coxswains should provide own deadweight.

3.2 All coxswains must report to the Control Commission, to be weighed before their first race on each day.

3.3 The Regatta reserves the right to re-weigh the coxswain and/or the dead weight at any time during the regatta.

3.4 Lightweight competitors shall be weighed each day, not less than 1 hour and not more than 2 hours before the scheduled start time of the first race that day of the event in which they are entered. See British Rowing rule 7-2-6 and 2-2-1. Competitors with a bye are only required to weigh in on days when they are racing.

3.5 Coxes and Lightweight competitors will not be issued with weight certificates.  The information will be recorded and retained at athlete weighing in Control Commission.  Coxes carrying deadweight will be asked to show this when boating and at the start.

4. Safety and Circulation

4.1 Cycling in either the spectator or competitor zone is not allowed. Crews whose coaches cycle through either zone are likely to be awarded an official warning.

4.2 In order to avoid congestion in the starting area, crews may not boat more than 35 minutes before their time trial race time or 40 minutes before their side by side race time.

4.3 Failure to observe the Circulation Pattern and accompanying documentation), or obey instructions from Marshals, may result in disqualification
               Training Circulation Monday 13th  June
               Time Trial Circulation Friday 17th June
               Racing Circulation Friday 17th June

4.4 Time trials will be raced along the course in a head style race.

4.5 The first named crew in each race will have the Berkshire (regatta enclosure) station.

4.6 All crews must boat from the Regatta rafts. Local club crews may obtain special permission from the Entries Secretary to boat from elsewhere. These crews must call in at the rafts on their way to the start for their boats to be inspected.

4.7 All competitors must be in the start area at least 5 minutes before the advertised time of their race and be attached to the stake boat 2 minutes before their race. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action or exclusion from the race.

4.8 Crews may only paddle “light” in the navigation channel on the Berkshire (Regatta) side of the course.

4.9 In the event of delays to racing, the Start Marshal, in conjunction with Race Control, will instruct crews and Umpires of any action to be taken.

4.10 In the event of a dead heat the crews will re-row from The Start.

4.11 Any crew going further than 300m up-stream of the finish OR beyond the end of the warming up zone at the start may be disqualified. (see circulation diagram)

4.12 After finishing their race (at Remenham Club) crews must turn off the course onto the Berkshire (towpath) side in order to return to the boating rafts.

5 Practice Outings

5.1 Practice outings are not permitted during the hours of racing and all crews must be off the water 45 minutes before the start of side by side racing or 15 minutes before the advertised boating time for time trials

5.2 Safety boats and first aid will only be in position from 45 minutes before side by side racing starts (15 minutes before the advertised boating time for time trials) until 15 minutes after the last race

5.3 Safety boats will not be available for training outings

5.4 The time and date of availability of The Venue, will be notified on Key Dates. There will be construction work on site until Thursday evening. Any person entering or interfering with the construction areas may be subjected to penalties.

5.5 We will endeavour to have the boat racks available by 6pm on Wednesday 15th June. However, crews should not count on this and have trestles available in the trailer park if necessary. Boats should only be placed on racks designated for each boat type.

5.6 The Regatta regrets that it is not able to make a training area available, nor will any safety boats be present at any times other than those stated above.

6 Boating at the Regatta

6.1 All crews must boat from the Regatta rafts at Remenham Farm. Local club crews may obtain special permission in writing from the Entries Secretary to boat from their clubhouse. These crews must call in at the rafts on their way to the start for their boats to be inspected.

6.2 Crews may only paddle “light” in the navigation channel on the Berkshire (Regatta) side of the course.

6.3 Crews not storing their boats on the regatta site MUST NOT return to their host boathouse during the hours of racing unless permission in writing has been obtained from the Entries Secretary.

6.4 All boats must show a 6-digit identification code on both sides of the boat, BR Rules of Racing 7-2-8 f, if you fail to do so you may incur an official warning.

6.5 All boats shall be registered with the Environment Agency.  Instructions at . Crews who fail to obtain a licence and boat may be fined by the Environment Agency.

7 Removal of boats from racks on the regatta site.

7.1 All boats must be removed from the racks on the regatta site by 9pm Sunday 19th June or they will be removed at the competitor’s risk and expense.

8. Car Parking.

8.1 Please park all Cars and Trailers in the official HWR parking areas located in the Spectator Zone and accessvia Gate A.

Parking charges and the details of the One Way Traffic flow that must be strctly adhered to are available on Travel & Parking

9. Insurance.

9.1 It is a condition of entry that clubs and competitors must take out their own third party insurance cover. Responsibility for loss or damage to their boats, equipment or other property on the Regatta site or elsewhere will not be accepted by the Regatta.

10 Race documentation

10.1 Copies of the draw, timetable and safety information will be emailed to clubs via the contact provided on the entry.  Copies of this information, circulation patterns and Welfare Statement and Plan will be available on the website
Key Dates
Race Schedule
Clubs are responsible for printing off all relevant information and ensure this is circulated as appropriate.Any changes to the draw or race schedule due to a change in weather will be emailed out to all clubs.