Which way down Remenham Lane should we drive?
HWR requests that all competitors and spectators follow a self-imposed “one way” system along Remenham Church Lane and Remenham Lane to reach Gate B. Access is at the top of White Hill (out of Henley up the hill and then left at the top of the hill into Remenham Church Lane). Follow the Blue signs to Gate B. There is no access into the Regatta or rowing clubs by the Little Angel. Continue up the hill and then turn left. Vehicles and boat trailers must NOT enter via the Henley Bridge junction & must follow the one way system not just on race days but during the week prior to racing. Trailer drivers please particularly take note. 


Please leave the Regatta by proceeding left out of the car park along Remenham Lane, past Upper Thames Rowing Club and down into Henley. This is the only way in and out of the car park for trailers and cars during the Regatta. Crews visiting at the weekend are particularly requested to follow this route to avoid large trailers meeting at narrow points along the lane.

Please note: There is no parking on the roads; the lane is narrow and you may be towed away.

How do I pre-book parking?
Car park tickets for spectators and disabled will go on sale in May. Crews must register their towing vehicle via the link with Ticketsellers in order to obtain a complimentary pass. Three-day and single-day reduced price competitors tickets are available from Ticketsellers until 6pm Monday. Further car park tickets can be purchased online or at the gate on the day at the full price. Details can be found here

Book Parking

When is trailer parking available at Gate B Car Park ?
Trailer parking is available from midday Tuesday. Please park in the marked-out areas. The car park gate will be locked at 8.30pm on training days. All boats, trailers and vehicles must be removed from the regatta site by 8pm on Sunday evening.


On which day and time can crews boat from the site?

Crews can access the Venue from 9.00am Wednesday. We endeavour to make boating rafts and boat racks available from Wednesday morning.

Prior to this time, practicing on the course can only be accommodated by boating from other local clubs (where you must make your own arrangements) If you want to boat before Wednesday. Upper Thames and Henley Rowing Club do make a charge. Please make sure you have trestles with you to take boats to the trailer park in case the stages are not available.

For crews arriving before 9am Wednesday 20th June 2018

Crews should make arrangements with one of the local clubs to boat from that club. Some clubs do charge for this. For boating availability, see the Upper Thames website for contact details email the Henley Rowing Club secretary at thesecretary@henleyrowingclub.org.

Crews should note that they are advised to move boats to the Regatta Enclosure after 9am Wednesday 14th June to save costs. In addition, all crews are required to boat from the Regatta Enclosure during the regatta.

On what day and what time can trailers park in Car Park Gate B?
Trailer parking is available from midday Tuesday. Please park in the marked-out areas. The car park gate will be locked at 8.30pm on training days. All boats, trailers and vehicles must be removed from the regatta site by 8pm on Sunday evening.

Why is the Regatta course only 1500m long, when the men race further?
The Environment Agency has limited the length of racing for Henley Women’s Regatta to 1500m for reasons of safety.  Racing to the HRR finish would mean that crews would have to return to the enclosures along the Bucks side of the river in the navigation channel, and at weekends due to the number of motorised craft that this poses a safety risk, as HWR runs racing at 4 minute intervals. Crews racing at the Royal proceed from the finish upstream on the course at suitable intervals in racing to avoid paddling in the navigation channel at the weekend. This is not possible at HWR, as races are run every 4 or 5 minutes.

Which station is Bucks and which is Berks?
The stations are named after the two counties bordering the river. The Regatta (towpath) side of the river is named the Berkshire station and the far side of the river is named the Bucks station.

Is there a minimum age for a cox?
Yes. Please see the Rules section.


I have an exam on the Friday – will it be possible to reschedule my race for Saturday?
We apologise, but this will not be possible schedule wise. However, we are prepared to consider scheduling side-by-side races (not time trials) at a later time on the Friday. Please contact the Entries Secretary entries@hwr.or.uk to discuss and BEFORE the draw takes place. We cannot change race times after the draw has been published. If it is likely that you will have a problem then please contact the Secretary prior to the draw on Friday.

If a Junior is entered in a non-junior event, in particular Development or Aspirational, then they must be prepared to race on Friday, as it is very likely that rounds of these events will be held that day. In fairness to your opposition, we are not able to reschedule a Friday race to Saturday to accommodate this.

When is the race timetable available?
The race timetable will be published on Tuesday before the Regatta. Whatever the entry finals and semi-finals will be run on the Sunday of the Regatta – there will be no exception to this. If a Time Trial is required for any Junior 16 event this will be held on Friday evening, no earlier than 6.00pm. Junior 18 events will commence on Saturday. The race schedule on Saturday precludes the committee from moving rounds of any events from Friday to Saturday due of exams.

To which address may I send a cheque for entry fees?
Entries Secretary, Henley Women’s Regatta, Broom Point, Broom Water West, Teddington, Middx. TW11 9QH. All entry fees are inclusive of VAT. Please make out the cheque to Henley Women’s Regatta.

Can we set up a tent/Gazebo for our club?Yes. Booking opens in April.  Please see our Competitor Facilities page for more information on all facilities available to crews at HWR.


Do we need tickets to watch the Regatta?
Tickets are not necessary to watch the Regatta. Spectators can choose to watch from any point along the course.

Can I follow my crew’s race on a bike?
Please be aware of General Rule 12.1 – Cycling in the enclosure is dangerous and therefore not allowed. Riding bicycles is not permitted in the enclosures for safety reasons and breach of this rule may result in crews or clubs being warned by race officials. Although HWR acknowledge they have no control over the towpath beyond the enclosure boundaries, coaches and supporters are reminded that the towpath is officially a footpath and the riding of bicycles is not permitted by the Highway Authority. The towpath gets very busy during Regatta time and any use of bicycles on the towpath outside of the Regatta enclosure is not endorsed by HWR who cannot be held responsible for any cycling accidents or injury sustained from cycling along the towpath.

Where should spectators watch races from?
The Regatta Enclosure, adjacent to the car park, is free to enter and has an array of facilities, food vendors, and shops for competitors and spectators. The registration tent, public toilets, boat racks, physio tent etc are also situated there along with racing commentary.

How do I watch from the umpires launch?

Each crew is allocated one free ticket per launch, which must be confirmed at least 40 minutes prior to the race to ensure availability, and four more tickets are available for purchase for any boat on a first come, first served basis. These are only available to be booked on the day of the race, from the special “launch ticket points” in the Enclosure and at the start. It is not possible to book launch tickets until the previous round has taken place.

What is Victrix?
Victrix is the group of past and current winners, including male coxes and coaches. Founded to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Henley Women’s Regatta, membership is already providing an exciting perk of winning.

How Can I Use the Chairman’s Enclosure?

The Chairman’s Enclosure overlooking the finish is available for “Friends of the Regatta” with Lunch and afternoon tea available to book. For full details are here

Is food available for purchase at the Regatta?

There are many here within the Regatta site which sell a variety of food and beverages.  Friends of HWR and Victrix members may access other catering options at the Chairman’s Enclosure.


Is there a paved path from the road/paved car lay-by area to the river bank to watch from?
The accessible parking area provides mainly paved and level access to the Regatta Enclosure. Distance is circa 290m. However, you can also watch the racing from the accessible parking area or the river bank at that point without having to go to the enclosure. Please book your accessible parking in advance.

How wheelchair-friendly is the site?
The site is open farmland, mainly grassland with gentle slopes in the Enclosure area, but the ground can be uneven. HWR is not permitted to make any substantive permanent modifications to the site, but we lay temporary trackway and port-a-paths on the high traffic areas and there are some small ramps to assist wheelchairs to get onto and off the track way/port-a-paths at key locations. HWR also tries to mark off a small area beside the river bank for wheelchair users to view the racing.

If I attend, is the site guaranteed to be fully accessible?
The organisers cannot profess to have catered for every possible circumstance, but we have made as many reasonable adjustments to the site as is possible to accommodate most wheelchair users and to enable them to visit and enjoy the event. However, ground conditions can deteriorate at short notice and accessibility may be compromised in unfavourable weather.

Where is accessible parking?
Disabled Blue Badge holders may apply for a car park ticket, which will allow them to park at Gate D and give good access to the river for cars. These tickets are available to purchase from the online car parking booking system.


What accessible comfort facilities are available?
There is a disabled toilet unit in the Regatta Enclosure, the Accessible Parking area and at the start.

Chairman’s Enclosure

Can I bring a family group into the Enclosure?
The Enclosure is reserved for current Victrix members and Friends of HWR. An Annual or Life membership allows you to bring in one guest free of charge. Members may also purchase additional badges, which allow them to bring in an additional two guests each day. Children under the age of 12 accompanied by a Friend/Victrix member are admitted free.

How do I book lunches and afternoon teas?
Pre-booking lunches and afternoon teas (only open to Friends and Victrix members) is highly recommended. Reservations are available online. [live link] Pre-booking offers a preferential rate. Lunches and afternoon teas are available for purchase on the day at the standard rate, though places are limited.

Is there a dress code?
Visitors to the Chairman’s Enclosure are required to be smartly dressed. No rowing kit will be allowed in the Enclosure. Weather-appropriate outer wear is acceptable. Please note high-heeled shoes can prove difficult on the upper lawn.

May I bring my own food into the Enclosure?
Picnics are not allowed in the Chairman’s Enclosure.

May I bring my dog into the Enclosure?
Only guide dogs are permitted inside the grounds of Remenham Club.

May I bring a child/children into the enclosure?
Children under the age of 12 accompanied by a Friend/Victrix member are admitted free.

Where do I park during the Regatta? 
Parking for those visiting the Chairman’s Enclosure is provided in the Remenham Club car park.

Is there separate accessible parking for those visiting the Chairman’s Enclosure?
Please contact your coordinator and explain your needs.  You will be given priority parking within the Club car park as close to the entrance to the Enclosure as possible, and volunteers will be available to provide assistance if required.

Can I buy Launch tickets from the Enclosure?
Yes, launch tickets will be sold within the Chairman’s Enclosure.

Where do I collect my membership badges and free programme as a Friend/Victrix member?
Collect your badges, programme, etc. and receive a warm welcome at The Chairman’s Enclosure from our HWR Friends Coordinator.

Do you cater for Corporate Hospitality bookings in the Enclosure?
Priority is given to our sponsors, but we do have a few spaces for corporate guests. Contact HWR Events and VIPs at events@hwr.org.uk.

What is a Day Package?

This is new for 2018. Why not have a crew reunion and experience the Chairman’s Enclosure for the day? Book a Day Package and enjoy the atmosphere from the finish line.

We would like to make a group booking for lunch and afternoon tea.
Contact Louise Wymer to discuss.

International Crews

Which events are open to overseas competitors? 
There are restrictions on which events overseas competitors can enter. Crews must submit a rowing CV so that the Chairman of the Race Committee can assess if they meet the entry criteria. In general, overseas crews are expected to enter Elite.

A rowing CV is a list stating the number of wins for each athlete, and Regattas competed in, together with their finishing position. This must be submitted to entries@hwr.org.uk by 15th May. The committee will respond by 23rd May to let you know in which events your crew is permitted to compete.

How do overseas crews enter the Regatta?
If your club has not previously entered a British regatta, please contact British Rowing and give the name of the club and details of the person making the entry. British Rowing will register your details enabling you to enter online through BROE (British Rowing On-Line Entries). If you are bringing your own boat, then you will be given a code to put on the side of your boat so that it can be identified. This is compulsory as it is one of the British Rowing Rules of Racing.

How does my crew find a place to stay?
Please see the accommodation section below for information. The earlier you can begin the process of searching for accommodation, the more options will be available.



Can supporters attend the International crew reception at the River and Rowing Museum?
Supporters are very welcome to the International Crew Reception at the RRM; due to strict space limitations places must be reserved in advance. There is no charge for overseas competitors and coaches (one coach per boat maximum, please). Bookings will open on the first Friday in June for supporter bookings. Tickets are extremely limited and are available to purchase at £30 per person inc. VAT on a first come, first served basis.

Can I order from the Henley Women’s Regatta shop and pick items up at the Regatta to avoid shipping charges?
Yes. E-mail shop@hwr.org.uk to arrange pick up instead of shipping or select “collection only” in your basket.

Do you have information on the Reading Regatta or Mortlake Regatta?
Those clubs wishing to enter either Reading Regatta or Mortlake Regatta should contact the Entries Secretary  for help and advice