tbc – entries open on BROE

Monday 13th May – closing date for international crews to submit rowing CVs for crews wishing to enter any event other than Championship, Championship Lightweight or Junior events.

Tuesday 21st May – last date for decision to overseas crews as a result of CV submission

Tuesday 28th May – entries close at 23:59 (UK time)


Saturday 8th June & Sunday 9th June – draw takes place

Tuesday 11th June (12:00 noon) – draw is published

Prior to Wednesday 19th June – crews who wish to practise should make arrangements to boat from a local club.

Wednesday 19th June

  • morning – trailer parking is available.  However due to the limited time available to construct the regatta enclosure, crews will not be able to access the site (including parking, boat racks or toilets) before this time and will not be able to go out training from the regatta enclosure site
  • 12:00 – we endeavour to have the landing stages and toilets available at which point crews will be able to go training
  • 18:00 – we endeavour to have boat racks available

Please note: competitors should have trestles available in the trailer park if necessary and will be asked to move their boats if they are in the way of constructing the site.

  • the car park gate will be locked at 20:30

Thursday 20th June

  • all day – regatta construction work will continue, competitors should take additional care during this time
  • 2pm onwards – registration open for overseas crews only
  • evening – regatta construction work will complete.
  • the car park gate will be locked at 20:30

Friday 21st June – all adult competitors should expect to race on the Friday

  • Friday morning – time trials for adult events with more than eight entries. Please note J18 events are NOT asked to race on Friday. These events may start with a time trial on Saturday
  • Friday afternoon – side-by-side racing will commence
  • Friday 18:00 – the earliest time J16 time trials will commence
  • the car park gate will be locked at 20:30

Saturday 22nd June

  • morning – time trials for J18 events and adult events with fewer than eight entries.
  • mid-morning – end of day: side by side racing
  • the car park gate will be locked at 20:30

Sunday 23rd June

  • 08:45 – semi-finals and finals
  • 20:00 – crews must remove all boats from the enclosure boat racks