Do we need tickets to watch the regatta?
Tickets are not necessary to watch the regatta. Spectators can choose to watch from any point along the course.

Where can we park?
There is plenty of car parking accessed via Gate A.. Booking for car parking will open in the spring or you can pay on the day.

Can I follow my crew’s race on a bike?
Please be aware of general rule 11.1. Riding bicycles is not permitted in the enclosures for safety reasons and breach of this rule may result in crews or clubs being warned by race officials. Although HWR acknowledge they have no control over the towpath beyond the enclosure boundaries, coaches and supporters are reminded that the towpath is officially a footpath and the riding of bicycles is not permitted by the Highway Authority. The towpath gets very busy during regatta time and any use of bicycles on the towpath outside of the regatta enclosure is not endorsed by HWR, who cannot be held responsible for any cycling accidents or injury sustained from cycling along the towpath.

Where should spectators watch races from?
The Spectator Zone, adjacent to the car park, is free to enter and has an array of facilities, food vendors, and shops for competitors and spectators. The registration tent, public toilets, boat racks, physio tent etc are also situated there along with racing commentary.

What is Victrix?
Victrix is the group of past and current winners, including male coxes and coaches. Founded to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Henley Women’s Regatta, membership is already providing an exciting perk of winning.

How can I use the Chairman’s Enclosure?
The Chairman’s Enclosure overlooking the finish is available for Friends of the Regatta with lunch and afternoon tea available to

Is food available for purchase at the regatta?
There are many outlets in the Spectator Zone which sell a variety of food and beverages. Friends of HWR may also book lunch and/or afternoon teas at the Chairman’s Enclosure.