HWR race schedule and times

The HWR weekend commences on Friday morning with time trials for Championship, Aspirational and Development events that have received more than eight entries. Crews are started at 30-second intervals and race in a time trial to find the fastest. A maximum of 16 crews may qualify for the side-by-side races.

Side-by-side racing starts later on Friday, with the first rounds of many events being held. The day concludes with the time trials for J16 events (girls under 16 years of age) to find the fastest eight crews.

Saturday commences with the time trials for Junior events (for girls aged 17 and 18 years old) followed by side-by-side racing. By the end of Saturday all events have reached the semi-final stage.

Sunday’s racing sees the semi-finals and finals taking place, and concludes with the prize giving at around 16:30.

The full race schedule will be published on Tuesday 22nd June.

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When to arrive

Arrive early each day to enjoy a full range of events.

Arriving approximately one hour before race time will give spectators time to walk to the start and experience the excitement of the crews battling to be first to the end of the island to try and gain dominance for the rest of the race. New for 2021 is the Spectator Zone 

Chairman's Enclosure

Enjoy the ambiance and the view from the Chairman’s Enclosure.

We are very much looking forward to hosting our Friends at this summer’s regatta, but it will be in a different venue from the past few years.  The Chairman’s Enclosure in 2021 will be in the spectator area adjacent to the Barrier mark on the course.  It will consist of a large tent with white picket fence that will be familiar to those who were Friends before the move to Remenham Club in 2014.   

This year the support from our Friends is more important than ever in helping generate funds so we are able to put on one of the premier regattas of the racing calender. We really do appreciate your ongoing support and welcome new member to join the friends of Henley Women’s Regatta. 

We do have access to parking for our Friends this year, but space is limited – we will give priority to those with mobility issues and those who book early.  Refreshments will be available for purchase in the Enclosure. 

There will be dedicated toilet facilities available for use by our Friends. 

Become a Friend

Spectator Zone

The Spectator Zone with parking at Gate A  is the hub of the regatta. It is free to enter and has an array of facilities including public toilets.

Spectators can also access the footpath along the river so they can watch from any point along the course.

Relax with a drink and some food, watch the crews compete, listen to the race commentary and take home a memento of your day out.

Things to do in Henley

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