Located in our Crew Zone and stretching upstream from Temple Island, our crew gazebo pitches are river-facing – perfect for supporting your crews, warming-up and the chance to rest and relax.

Pitches will be clearly marked providing an area of 3m x 9m with good spacing between pitches. Pitches can be booked online via our website at a single price of £135 per pitch (inc VAT) for the entire regatta.

We have added some gazebo spaces at a reduced price. These are non river-facing for those who want a more private space.at £75 per pitch (inc VAT).

When booking a gazebo pitch, please note the following:

  • there is no parking adjacent to the pitch. Parking is available in the official HWR parking areas located in the Spectator Zone
  • no BBQs, naked flames, fires, or candles are permitted in the gazebo area. We reserve the right to extinguish any of the above
  • access is only available from the morning of Friday 16th June
  • please ensure that your gazebo fits comfortably in your own space and does not block the view or encroach on other crews’ spaces
  • gazebos without backs and sides are permitted in the front row. We reserve the right to request their removal if they do not adhere to these rules

Book Crew Gazebo Pitch
Book non-river view Gazebo Pitch
for more details contact land@hwr.org.uk.