Our partners play a hugely appreciated and vital role in the continuation and development of Henley Women’s Regatta.

Partnership provides HWR with consistent funding, predictable income and the capacity to make long term and meaningful plans to continue to inspire generations of women to engage with the sport. The vision and commitment of our partners cannot be underestimated and their contribution, not just with finance but with continuing encouragement to the organisers and volunteers is immeasurable.

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Colgan Foundation

Colgan Foundation: Supporting excellence, opportunity, and inclusivity in education, athletics, and science since 1995, the Colgan Foundation is a proud long-time sponsor of HWR, donating on-going assistance.

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Wentworth House Partnership

Wentworth House Partnership: Wentworth House Partnership is an award-winning engineering design consultancy, which specialises in the safe, effective and imaginative design of temporary works, permanent works and geotechnics. Wentworth House Partnership has successfully delivered some of the most technically advanced and innovative design solutions for leading infrastructure and building projects across the UK.

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The Stewards of HRR

Henley Royal Regatta is one of the greatest iconic regattas in the world. The Stewards are very supportive of Henley Women’s Regatta in providing the use of the on-water facilities without which the regatta could not be staged.

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Henley-on-Thames Town Council

The town council recognises the many sporting, social and economic benefits that Henley Women’s Regatta brings to the town and has supported the regatta with a grant for many years. Community involvement throughout the year includes all the local volunteers that support the running of the regatta, the crew hosters who provide accommodation for crews, many spectators and of course the local rowing clubs that compete in the regatta.

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