Boat Hire

How do I find a boat?
HWR can assist with finding boats and oars to hire.
First, contact the manufacturer of the boat you wish to row in your own country.  While this seems counter intuitive, they will be able to coordinate with the UK boat manufacturer and can advise on the likelihood of obtaining a boat for the regatta directly from the manufacturer.

If a crew needs direct help in finding a boat, Henley Women’s Regatta has a list of clubs willing to hire their boats. Contact crew liaison at
Note that most boats don’t come with oars, so they will need to be confirmed or hired separately.  Check with your favoured oar manufacturer for assistance, or contact the Crew Liaison at

Useful contact emails are:
Empacher UK –
Hudson – Ruud Pepping –
Janousek and Stampfli –
Resolute –
WinTech & King Racing Shells –