Important announcement

HWR is once again going to be filmed & streamed live on the internet. HWR wishes to advise all athletes that professional aerial drone cameras will again supplement the live filmed images being taken by Unique Media TV that can also be reviewed later on the HWR You Tube channel. This activity is now reflected in the HWR Privacy Statement and Data Protection Policy. 

Unique Media TV are a recognized commercially licensed CAA approved UAV operator who have specific consent to fly over the course for filming purposes. Competitors are advised that this undertaking will adhere strictly to an approved Method Statement that itself has been subjected to a Risk Assessment

IMPORTANT: In accordance with CAA regulations and the Air Navigation Order, no other aircraft, or aerial vehicle including remote controlled aircraft or “drones” should operate over congested areas or within 50 metres of people, vehicles, buildings or structures and accordingly all third party aircraft or drones are therefore prohibited from overflying any part of the HWR venue including the course, warm up areas or nearby enclosures throughout the regatta period.

Competitors are also advised to be aware that the UAV camera operated by Unique Media TV generates low levels of noise and that it will take off & land from a floating control point near the 1/4 Mile Signal box on the course.

The UAV camera will not film every race & its use is weather dependent.