Crew Accommodation

Henley on Thames is a small town of eleven thousand people.  Hotel capacities are limited, especially during regatta periods. It has become a tradition for crews and coaches to stay with families in the town of Henley or nearby.   While unusual when compared with other regattas, people often really enjoy the experience, and many crews stay with the same family every time they race in Henley. .

How to find Housing?
Henley Women’s Regatta provides a free of charge matching service between prospective hosts and crews.  In order to be matched with a host, please complete our Crew Accommodation Request form:. Early planning helps everyone, so please complete the form even if your numbers aren’t finalised so we can start to assist, but please note that to commit to housing firm details will be needed.
If you have any issues please email Anne Buckingham, Crew Liaison at

What are the houses like?
The level of accommodation varies, and hosts set their own prices. Crews are free to reject any introduced housing and request something different for any reason, but note that as it gets closer to the regatta, options may be limited.
Housing options span the full range from sprawling to basic and can accommodate two to 16 people in rooms which are generally shared, though not always. Generally, the closer a house is to the town centre, the smaller the house, although many large houses are within a 15-minute walk of the centre. It is about a 20-minute walk from the market square at the centre of the town to the launching and landing area for the regatta.
Most houses include breakfast in the price, but some do not.  Similarly, some houses allow full kitchen access and others do not.  If you have specific needs, please confirm them with the hosts prior to arrival and payment.

Financial arrangements
All financial arrangements are directly between the crews and the hosts.  Some hosts will require a deposit, and almost every host will require payment in full prior to arrival.   Henley Women’s Regatta does not accept any money for placing crews.


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